Welcome To Our Church

Our vision is to love God, love each other, and to love our community. We are a Christian family, and we welcome everyone who wants to know more about Jesus.

Our Sunday services are now back in our church building at 10:30am – and we are honestly delighted! In addition, we are hoping each week to enable ‘Zoomers’ still at home to join us online. This will be the pattern for the forseeable future and we hope that you will feel included even if you are joining on your phone or laptop. 

In church we have a simple, straightforward protocol to be aware of and if you could let us know that you are planning to join us it would be helpful to contact us here. Undoubtedly, things will feel a little unusual for a while but we want to ensure that if you would like to join us , we will try and make our welcome as warm, safe and genuine as we believe you deserve.

Please contact us using the contact form if you would like to know more about our Food Bank or if you have any other query or need.